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Home of the 'Iwa

Welcome to Hale`iwa Elementary School. The name Hale`iwa which means, the house of the `Iwa Bird, a graceful frigate bird, can sometimes be seen flying over our beautiful campus.

History facts about "Hale`iwa Elementary School". The school began in 1871 as Waialua English School known to many as a Female Seminary - as its only language being taught entirely in Hawaiian.
In 1880 Waialua English School was adopted and funded as a government school, with only 48 pupils. The location changed from Pa`ala`a Kai to Waialua and opened it's doors in 1911 at its present site on Haleiwa Road.

The year - 1940, the school's name was officially changed to "Hale`iwa Elementary" but was still referred to many, as "Waialua Elementary" until a second "Waialua Elementary School" was built in 1965 approximately one mile away.

Hale'iwa Elementary School, surrounded by one of the best surfing, fishing, and rural residential areas on the island of O'ahu, services approximately 200 children, preschool through grade 6.

In 2014, Hale`iwa Elementary School, received the National Blue Ribbon Award
Today, dedicated staff, parents, guardians along with our volunteers, work hand-in-hand to meet the needs of all children. If the old adage, "it takes an entire village to raise a single child" is true, then the Waialua-Hale'iwa community is an important partner with the school in providing education that is second-to-none to every child at Hale'iwa Elementary.

In the last few years, political, social, and economic shifts have produced inevitable pressures on community businesses, families, and children.
The present population of students at Hale'iwa Elementary will be citizens leading very different lifestyles from their parents. With the dawn of the new millennium, school-wide goals are reflections of the necessary knowledge, skills, processes and attitudes students must achieve in order to lead suuccessful lives in the 21st Century.

Major educational improvement efforts have been identified for the next few years.
These goals and school-wide efforts to improve the educational, emotional, physical, and social growth of all children will be sustained by a strong commitment of resources, personnel, and expertise.

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Hawaiian Teacher and children


'Neath the beauty of the skies,
'Midst the cool and fragrant air
In the land of joy and happiness,
Stands the Hale'iwa School.

We will ever cherish thee,
For thy standards brave and true.
We will ever praise thy colors too;
Ever, ever more shalt be.

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