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Water Pollution Prevention

04.1a1 Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program (DOE)

04.1a2 About The City and County Of Honolulu Storm Drain System (CC)

04.1a3 Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff (EPA)

04.1a,b Haleiwa Campus Water Pollution Prevention Program and School Newsletter ( Consolidated ) 01302018

04.2a1 Carwashing Guidelines (CC)

04.2a2 Only Rain in The Drain (MAZE) 01302018

04.2a3 Storm Water Cross word ( PUZZLE ) (EPA)

04.2a4 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Home and Garden (EPA)

04.2a5 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Auto and Maintenance (EPA)


Campus Clean-Up
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
1:00 -3:00 
In the Garden

We will: Harvest remaining food, including saving seeds for future planting. We will clear garden beds for our spring lessons. We will also be having a Campus Clean Up and Storm Drain Stenciling Activity as part of the Garden Party. We will also be able to meet with the public to discuss the MS4 (Wastewater) Permit. The following information can be used for educational purposes for discussion and can be found on our website at 

Items to bring, if you have them: 

ü    Tools labeled with your name: shovel, pick, bucket, hard rake, and wheelbarrow
ü    Refillable water bottle (ice water will be provided)
ü    Closed-toe shoes, hat, clothes that can get dirty, gloves
ü    A snack to share

Please join us, walk-ins welcome! If you have any questions please contact Karissa Bartee at: 637-8237 or 
ʻĀINA In Schools is a farm to school initiative of the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation that connects students to their local land, waters and food to grow a healthier Hawaiʻi. To learn more, visit   

posted: 01-12-2018